Need Of Security In Real World
In the digital world, things are getting paperless and accessible independent of location. This is possible by keeping user critical information at remote location with provision of remote accessibility. With this major changes and movements Information Security is very critical, which target to protect critical information from un-authorized access (Keeping data Confidential) and tampering of data while transmission/data at rest (Integrity), also ensuring the availability of system for access.

Information security can be inculcated by identifying the risk (Financial/Reputational) associated with application/ network and then implementing the cost effective solutions to mitigate the risk

We are the Information Security services providers with offering services like Threat Landscape Identification, Vulnerabilities Assessment, Penetration Testing, Secure Design and Configuration Review, Application Security Assessment, Mobile Application Assessment to identify the risk associated with network/applications and Custom Security Solutions.

"Information security is a complex business and we acknowledge the apprehensions of engaging a startup. Hence to allay your fear, we offer to conduct first assessment absolutely free of cost. In addition to that, we will be more than willing to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with your organization guaranteeing you peace of mind"